Monday, March 12, 2007

My "dad" story

I decided to retrieve my "funniest story about your dad" post from the Kimchee Mamas and preserve it here. Some of the other stories were absolutely hilarious.

Back in the 1970's when I had returned from Korea the very first time, we had a procession of former students and fellow teachers coming to visit me as they passed through the Boston area, or, sometimes they made a special trip there just because I was there. This was back when I was single, so, it was my parent's home they were visiting. My dad, ever the effusive extrovert, loved every minute of it. One time a former student was scheduled to arrive while I was still at work. I gave him directions to the house but dad figured he'd never have the nerve to show up while I wasn't home. So, he went checking around the neighborhood, and sure enough-he found him in the parking lot of the local ice-cream shop. Just walked up to the only lost looking Asian guy and asked if he was the one. If that hadn't been the right guy, he'd have made friends with him anyway and probably invited him home. That's my dad. Anyway, dad was on foot and this guy had a rental car. So, they cooked up the plan that dad would ride along and show him where I worked. Then dad would take my car home and I would catch a ride with our guest. By the time they got to my office my poor dad was white knuckled, pale as a sheet and, most uncharacteristically, almost speechless. You guessed it-the guy's driving scared the wits right out of him. He wouldn't let me get in the car with him. Told the guy he could follow us. Awww! And I thought MY driving scared him. It was one of those situations where you couldn't politely laugh at the time, but we positively cackled after the fact.