Friday, June 27, 2008

Thinking outside the box

Cross out six letter in BSAINXLEATNTEARS so that the remaining letters, without altering their sequence, spell a familiar English word.

I'm terrible at these little word puzzles, so, had to do it "wrong" to reveal the word LETTERS, in order to have the BANANAS 'duh!' moment. The point of the exercise is probably to get the point of it ; Most things can be viewed at least two different ways.

For example, two different people saw a similar sight. A little family was having dinner in a restaurant. The children displayed more energy than the parents, who were still in their work uniforms. One observer perceived the parents as exhausted and anxious from trying to feed their greed by having both mom and dad in the work place. Cast judgement on the family-for not eating at home, I guess. Took a negative spin on the whole scenario.

The other saw the parents looking tired but relaxed, and rejoiced that mom did not have to cook that night. Found it the sweetest thing to see them having a little family night out. Mentally applauded them for doing their best in difficult circumstances. Wondered what the occasion was, since they appeared to not be in a financial situation to eat out very often.

Who was right? Quite possibly neither, since no-one opted to bother the family for their take on it. Or, could be that both were "correct" in their own way. It IS possible to be 'right' and still be wrong - which reminds me of one of the quotes I recently posted over on the side bar of this blog. Most lives (but not all, of course) can be changed by a change of attitude. And, many times (but, not always) attitude indicates much about the life of the holder of it.

What else can be seen in a different way...Oh, I know! It is
another lie your parents told you.

Anybody heard this one?
"Anything worth doing is worth doing well."
(If it wasn't worth doing, who'd be doing it in the first place?)

I've seen little children bewildered by this one.
"There is a right way and a wrong way to do things."
(Do you mean the right way is your way and all other ways are wrong?)

Well, that is just not true.
But, if I don't see your point of view,
Am I not as wrong as you?
(And pretty small sees only two.)