Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Story that did not Stink

Very many years ago,
When I was 24 or so,
 I was hiking in the woods
(We had no kids yet, so I could).
 I was walking at my leisure.
It was really quite a pleasure.
 Through the leaves, the sunlight cast
A dappled pattern where I passed.
 Yeah, I was “rolling in the clover”
When suddenly, it was all over!
 Strutted out before my eyes
A baby skunk-his tail held high.
 I stared at him. He stared at me.
“Oh,” I thought, “I’d better flee!”
 For, in the bushes I did hear
A rustling sound. THE MOM WAS NEAR!
 To take a pic, I did not stay.
I simply ran, and ran away.
 I must have run a half a mile,
Thinking with a little smile,
 “Tiny skunk so cute and free,
What a precious pet you’d be!”
 Many years have passed since then.
Many places I have been.
 Never once did I forget,
The skunk that could have been my pet.
 A photograph he could not give.
But, in my mind will always live
 A picture of him on that path.
And, mem-o-ries none other hath.

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